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Kami @ Home of 5

I love this room! It looks like something out of a magazine. I want to hang drapes like that in my dark sage dining room but I think I'll have to make them because I can't find exactly what I want. Where did you find them?

Nicole Mc

Love, Love, LOve it!!!!!!!!!!! I need to paint sooo bad! I may do mine now!!

Kimboom from 2 peas

I love it. I wish I could use that color somewhere! Maybe some day!


You always amaze me with your beautiful creativeness. When T told me you were painting your wall Black, I couldn't wait to see it. It looks wonderful! You always do a first-rate job.

Michelle G

LOVE it!


That is a gorgeous room! I love the vase on the dining room table! Everything is beautiful!


This is absolutely gorgeous! I had to do a double take to see that it was even the same room as the first picture.I love the bookshelves along the wall!
:-) Barbara


Carrie I absolutely LOVE this room - I too have used black and it's lovely, my other color is yellow - but I'm loving your green. Do you mind we asking where you got the drapes from - they would be perfect for my room too!! Love it, what an inspiration.


can't find the paint on omplyic web site-ugh


Wow! I love this room, thanks so much for posting pictures and inviting us in. =)


Wow...thank you so much for your kind compliments everyone! I truly appreciate you taking the time to stop by and for taking the time to comment. My own family often doesn't take the time to comment so I really love the effort!

Answers: The curtains and settee are from Target.com. Just do a search on damask curtains and settee and both should pop up. That settee is also available in a blue/green and a cranberry.

Paint: Olympic brand available at Lowes Asparagus green and matte black

Audio book: Beach Music by Pat Conroy

Caffeine: 4 shot Americano with room for cream


I love the new look, it's a fabulous green.


Oh my gosh...I LOVE THIS!! I really wish I had a room of my very own!

Mindy Hartigan

Looks gorgeous, fancy and livable! You need to post some painting tips for the rest of us. You re-paint so much so you MUST have some tips?? *wink, wink*

Calli, aka Saltymom on 2Peas

Wow. Seriously, will you come decorate my house? You truly have a wonderful gift!!

Gina C

Carrie, it looks awesome! Me and your brother stopped by a few days back when you and your mom were shopping at TPT. I LOVE the little green chaisse or did you call it a sette. Your pictures are beautiful but it is awesome in person! (just a little comment from someone in your family)

Lisa Dozier

How awesome! You are so talented! You have the perfect place for the settee! How cool that you already have the black things to go with it. I think once you pick a style of your own then your collection on things just simply work together. Love it!


Seriously, that looks like it's straight out of a magazine! Great job!! I'm more than a little jealous...


i loved the reading room when you did that one, but i have to say you hit the jackpot on this set up! love how everything flows together with the two rooms!


wow, that's an awesome couch and it inspired a great room!

P & F

Stop showing off the room mom! We already know its perfect! HaHa!

--P & F


The hand piece on the buffet...WHERE DID YOU GET THAT????
btw, lovely job! Love your blog, too!


Carrie, your talent and knack for decorating and re-decorating are awe-inspiring!! You just do things better and better with every new attempt. You have such fantastic taste and style. GREAT JOB! :)

- Lisa (aka FLA SummerBaby)


I love love love this room. Your creative touches are just beautiful. Not as beautiful as you, but beautiful1


My girlfriend sent me your blog spot and I enjoyed all of your pictures! Everyone is right...you did a wonderful job re-decorating your home! Our daughter is a big fan of the black and white damask design. I caught my attention! I'm sending her your blog now. LOL
Thanks for the inspiration!

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