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I love it. I might just have to make one for myself...after the wedding of course.


I was thinking about cracking a beer, listening to Nineteen Minutes and getting some crafting done myself...and your entry just pushed me to do it tonight! ;) Love the rolex. Awesome!


Omigosh this is great - so cute! I have Eat, Pray...coming from the library - love audiobooks, don't you? And pinot noir...yum, you know, my brother is growing pinot noir grapes. Sounds good!


That thing is so neat! I never have any luck no matter how I organize. The only thing that works for me almost without fail is to stick the really, really important notes to myself right in the bathroom sink when I go to bed, so I see them as soon as I brush my teeth. Even then, if I don't move the note to my purse to take with me for the day, I STILL might forget.


um- love it!! so are ya gonna share how ya did it?


So cute!


Brilliant idea! I love how you put the 7 Gypsies stickers to good use too. I have so many.


that is adorable. I keep things like that in a binder, but I like how colorful that one is!


beautiful project! i can't imagine how much time this took you! i really love it though!


What a cute idea...love what you've done!!!


What a FANTASTIC project!!! So, now I just created a word doc with ALL of the idea files that I want to include in my binder; I've had 1 notebook to scribble down all of my thoughts for the past 8 years, and now it's time to organize them into sections. Thank you for the inspirational jumpstart and BRAVO on your wonderful creation!!

Monique S.

So stinkin' CUTE!!!!!

Your blog is going to need a BOS function soon. Anyway, I am so totally copying you.

Jennifer D

Really cute! Love IT!
Thanks for sharing!


Love this! You did a great job - I think I might have to do this!


Absolutely brilliant!


This is the greatest idea since toilet paper. Why didn't I see one of these sooner?

Marilyn M

This is totally amazing! I just saw your creation on Tip Junkie's site and had to pop over - I bought a Rolodex at Office Depot a long time ago and haven't been inspired yet to use it. I was going to make it an address book, but this looks like so much more fun! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Domestic Chicky

Tip Junkie does it again!! I just bought a rolodex to make my own! Great idea!


LOVE this idea! I'm sooo stealing it. Thanks!


Awesome idea!
Love your blog, I'll have to pull up a chair and make my self comfy!
Have a great day-

Toblerone @ Simple Mom

Love, love, LOVE this idea! I'm going to feature it sometime soon.


I love this! For whatever reason, when I'm pregnant I get crafty (and feel the need to mass produce baked goods...but that's not the point) and this is great! I'm already buzzing with tab ideas. What a cool idea.

Linked from Domestic Chicky.


I just posted a link from my site to yours. I love this Rolodex idea.



Peony Moss

Here via Tip Junkie. This is so cool -- I want one!

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